Athletics Hall of Fame

The Manteo High School Athletics Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the proud tradition of high school athletics at MHS.  The Hall of Fame seeks to highlight the past, in order to insure a promising future.  The recognition of past student-athletes, coaches, and support staff serves to provide role models for future generations to emulate.  Candidates will be judged on their performances, achievements, and contributions to Manteo High School.  The inaugural class was inducted in September of 2017.

In order to be considered for the Hall of Fame individuals must be nominated.  All nominations must be turned into the Manteo High School front office by February 1 in order to be considered for that years inducted class.  In order to be eligible for the Athletics Hall of Fame individuals must be removed from MHS as athletes for at least 10 years.  Nominations, once submitted, are good for 10 years.  Nomination forms for coaches and athletes are located in the MHS front office, or can be downloaded from links below.  A committee is in place in order to review nominations, vote, and select Hall of Fame members.  If there are any questions please contact Athletic Director Alfie Wheeler at 252-473-5841.

nomination form(student athlete)

nomination form (coach)

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Manteo High School Athletics Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members

2017 Class

LUANN SWAIM, (1972), Basketball: four-time All-Conference, two-time All-State, attended East Carolina University for Basketball and Volleyball.

DAVID DANIELS, (1965), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Attended Southeastern University for Basketball.

COACH GEORGE PEARCE, Coached at Manteo from 1967 – 1994, Baseball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Assistant Football, Multiple Baseball Conference Championships, State Championships in 1974 and 1976.

CARL DANIELS, (1981), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Baseball: four-time All-Conference, Basketball: All-Conference, Football: two-time All-Conference, two-time All-Albemarle Player of the Year, Attended East Carolina University and Jarvis Christian College.

SAM DANIELS, (1979), Football, Baseball. Football: two-time All-Conference, Baseball: three-time All-Conference, 1976 Baseball State Championship, Attended North Carolina Wesleyan. Selected in 1982 Major League Baseball draft by the San Diego Padres.

EUGENE “KOOL” SIMMONS, (1971), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Attended North Carolina A&T University.

STEVIE JOE BURTON, (1979), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Football: two-time All – Conference, All East Team, Basketball: three-time All – Conference, All East Team, Baseball: two-time All-Conference, All East Team, two-time Athlete of the Year. Attended Southwest State University. Selected in 1982 Major League Baseball draft by the Chicago Cubs.

DANIEL HINES DAVIS, (1939), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for Football, Baseball, Boxing.

EMANUEL DAVIS, (2007), Football, Basketball, Track. Football: All Conference, All State, 2006 Conference Player of Year Basketball: All Conference, All State. Track: All State, State Champion in triple jump. Attended East Carolina University and played for Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League.

KATIE MILLER, (2004), Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. Volleyball: two-time All Conference, 2003 Conference Player of Year. Softball: four-time All Conference, two-time Conference Player of Year, two-time All State. two-time Athlete of the Year. Attended George Washington University for Softball

MARY CAROLYN BURRUS SCARBOROUGH, (1948), Basketball, Softball. Medalist for Basketball and Softball. Attended Business School following High School.

HEATHER DANIELS SULKOWSKI, (1996), Volleyball, Basketball. Volleyball: four-time All Conference, Northeastern Coastal Player of the Year, Basketball: four-time All Conference, two-time Athlete of the Year, attended Barton College and Peace College for Volleyball and Basketball.

LOIS SEARS TWYNE, (1955), Basketball: four years. Voted Most Athletic in her class.

STAN KEE,  (1976), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Baseball: two-time State Champion. Athlete of the Year.

RANDELL HOLMES, (1952), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Attended East Carolina University for Football.

COACH JERRY B. CAHOON, (1953), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Attended East Carolina University. From 1960 to 1990 served as a Coach and Athletic Director at MHS: Football, Girls Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. MHS football field is named in his honor.

2018 Class

JULIE FARROW BLIVEN, (1984), Basketball, Softball, Tennis. Basketball:2-time All Conference, 2-time All Tournament Team. Softball: 3-time All Albemarle, 4-time All Conference, 3-time MVP. Tennis:  3-time MVP. 1984 Female Athlete of Year. Attended East Carolina University. Softball: 3 year Captain, 1986 All Tournament. Taught and Coached at MHS from 1989-2001. Coached Basketball and Softball at MHS.

WILHELMENA MCCLEASE, (1983), Basketball, Softball.  Basketball: 2-time All Conference. 1983 All Albemarle, All Region, Defensive Player of Year. Attended Chowan University. Basketball: All East Region First Team, MVP. Atlantic Christian College. Basketball, Softball

GREG CREEF, (1978), Football, Baseball.  Football: 3-time All Conference, Played in 1974 State Championship. 1977 All East Team. Played in North/South Football Game.  Baseball: 2-time All Conference.  Member of 1976 State Championship team. Attended Chowan University. Football

BRYAN SULLIVAN, (1982), Golf, Basketball. Golf: Undefeated High School Match Record. Campbell University Independent High School Champion. 1982 Athlete of Year. Attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Golf: Member of 3 ACC Championship Teams and 4 NCAA Tournament Teams. All ACC in 1986. Winner of 1983 North/South Amateur.  Played on the PGA Tour.  1996 Carolinas PGA Player of the Year

MICKY HAYWOOD, (1989), Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis. Basketball: 4-time All Conference, 4-time MVP, 4-time All Tournament, 4-time All Albemarle, All East, All State. Scored 1,942 career points at MHS. Softball: 3-time All Conference, All Albemarle. Volleyball: All Conference, MVP.  Tennis:  All Conference. 1989 Female Athlete of Year. Attended UNC Greensboro. Basketball

COACH ADRIAN O. AYERS, Teacher and Coach at Manteo High School from 1938 – 1960. Coached Football, Girls Basketball, and Baseball. Football Field and Gymnasium at old MHS named in his honor. Scholarship by Lions Club named in his honor.  Served in WWII.  Attended East Carolina University

2019 Class 

CELIA EVANS MILLER, (1969), Basketball.  3-time All Conference. 3-time All Tournament. All Albemarle Team. All-State. Meredith College. Basketball. Attended UNC-Chapel Hill.

DANNY DAVIS, (1997), Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball.  Football: 3-time All Conference. 2-time All State. 1997 East/West All Star. 2-time All Region. Basketball: 2-time All Conference. Track: State Qualifier in 100 meter. Baseball: All Conference. Member of 1996 State Championship Team. Attended UNC-Chapel Hill. Football

LINDA BRYANT, (1987), Basketball, Softball, Track.  Track: 1986 North Carolina Long Jump State Champion. 1987 200 Meter State Champion. 1987 100 Meter State Champion. 2-time Junior Olympian. Attended Johnson C. Smith University. Track

COACH STEPHEN (STEVE) G. BASNIGHT JR., (1953), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Basketball: All Conference, All Tournament, All-East Team. Baseball: Member of four undefeated teams. Coached Basketball, Football, and Baseball at MHS. Multiple Basketball Conference and Tournament Championships. Superintendent of Dare County Schools.  Attended East Carolina University.

COACH MONCIE “PUNK” DANIELS, (1951), Football, Basketball, Boxing, Baseball. Teacher, Coach, and Athletic Director at MHS. Coached Football, Girls Basketball, and Golf. Selected as Honorary Member of the North Carolina Coaches Association in 1998. Attended North Carolina State University. Served in Vietnam, USAF

2020 Class

CHARLES WILLIAM PERRY, (1965), Football, Basketball Basketball: 3-time All Conference, All Tournament, Sportsmanship Medal. Attended East Carolina University 2011 IGFA Captain and Crew Hall of Fame. 2022 Billfish Foundations Lifetime Achievement Award

ARTHUR LOUIS MIDGETTE, JR, (1964), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Football: 3-time All Conference. Basketball: 1964 All Conference. Attended Carolina Military Academy. Football, Basketball, Track

MARIE ETHERIDGE DREMANN, (1953), Basketball, Cheerleading. Basketball: 2-time All Conference, 3-time All Tournament. Multiple Basketball Conference and Tournament Championships. Attended East Carolina University. Cheerleading. University of South Alabama.

2021 Class

SAINT CLAIR TILLETT, (1968), Football, Basketball. Football: 3-time All Conference, 1967 All East, All-Star Game. Basketball: All Conference. 1968 Athlete of the Year. Attended Western Carolina University. Football

R.V. OWENS, (1975), Football, Basketball, Baseball. Football: 1974 State Runner-Up. Baseball: 1974 State Champion. Attended Fork Union Military Academy. Football. University of Richmond. Football

2022 Class

JOHNNY L. TILLETT, (1980), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis. Basketball: 3-time All Conference, 3-time All Tournament. 3-time All East. Attended Wingate University. Basketball All Conference, All Tournament, All District. Manteo Coach and Dare County Parks and Rec Director.

EDDIE TWYNE, (1980), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis. Football: 2-time All Conference, All-Albemarle, All-East. Baseball: All Conference. Fork Union Military Academy. Football. East Carolina University. Head Football Coach at Manteo 2007-2017.

TED TOLER, (1997), Baseball: 2-time All Conference, 2-time All State, 1996 State Champion, State Championship MVP. Attended UNC Greensboro. Baseball. 2001 All Tournament. 1998 Freshman All American.