Coaches Requirements

To contact coaches look under coaches in each individual sports, or at the coach directory.

Coaches must complete the requirements from below in order to be eligible to coach interscholastic athletics here at MHS:

All coaches, paid and volunteer, must turn in documentation showing the completion of the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching course. To access and complete this course Fundamentals of Coaching Link. This must be completed prior to the first game.

Also every year ALL coaches are required to complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports course prior to the team’s first practice. This course must be completed after June 1.  To access this course Concussion Course Link.

ALL paid coaches must be CPR and AED certified.  MHS athletics runs several classes a year to make sure our coaches are CPR and AED certified.

Any volunteer coaches who are not paid must complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course.  To access this course Sudden Cardiac Arrest Link

On an annual basis head coaches must attend a state sponsored rules interpretation clinic prior to the start of their season.  Coaches now are mandated to meet this requirement online through the NCHSAA and NFHS.  Click HERE access the online rules clinics.

*Cheerleading Coaches must also complete their AACCA Spirit Safety Certification.  To access and complete this certification click the AACCA Spirit Safety Link

*Pole Vaulting Coaches must complete the coaching pole vaulting course.  To access and complete this certification click the Coaching Pole Vaulting Link


Coaches Checklist Prior to each Season/Off season

  • All coaches involved in your sport (paid or volunteer) have completed the fundamentals of coaching course and the yearly concussion course and or CPR/AED certification or Sudden Cardiac arrest before any workouts are conducted.
  • All student athletes have turned in an up to date sports physical and completed the Family ID registration.  Physical forms and family ID link can be found on
  • Eligibility list has been completed for your sport prior to first contest/scrimmage. (work with Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, and Attendance Coordinator to make sure student athletes are eligible)
  • Coaches must have emergency contact forms filled out by each player and manager and must keep them with them at all times. (these must be done before first game/scrimmage)
  •  All coaches must conduct an in person parent meeting before their first game.
  • During the season as per NCHSAA rule coaches must keep their maxpreps pages up to date.  Schedules and results must be posted accurately or playoff forfeits can result.  Some sports require a different platform such as milesplit (CC), trackwrestling (wrestling), meet manager (Swimming).
  • Have an up to date medical kit that is at all practices, home games, and away games. (See Athletic Trainer)


Dead Periods

Each sport has specific dead periods in which there can be no workouts or practices.  To check those dead periods you need to go to  Click HERE to view the nchsaa calendar to check for dead periods.