NCHSAA Eligibility


The video below highlights the 2018-2019 NCHSAA Eligibility Requirements

Preseason Parent Meeting

Below is a link to the power point that has information regarding athletics

Preseason Information

Below is video that overviews rules and guidelines put in place by the NCHSAA

NCHSAA Eligibility Video

Students may not participate is he/she becomes 19 years of age on or before August 31 of the current school year.

Preseason Meeting

As required by the NCHSAA all student athletes must have a parent or guardian present at a preseason meeting for each sports season.


Manteo High School and Dare County schools sets the policy for attendance requirements.


Manteo High School operates under a hybrid (2 block and 3 traditional) schedule. Students must pass the equivalent of five traditional classes to be eligible for the following school year. An athlete cannot fail more than 1 block course in a given semester to remain eligible for the spring semester.  Use seven traditional as the basis (block equals two); must pass equivalent of five traditional classes. Could fail one block only and be eligible (minimum requirement) but not more.

Manteo High School Policy*

Any student who misses more than five days for any reason in any semester class, or ten days in any year-long class has exceeded the Dare County attendance regulation requirements.  These students are subject to suspension of privileged activities (e.g., extra curricular activities, parking, attendance at prom, graduation ceremony, etc.) until such time as work is completed to the teacher’s and principal’s satisfaction.

Students must attend at least two-thirds of a class to be counted as present in that class.


Go to the forms tab to look at the forms that are necessary to be completed before a student is eligible to participate in athletics.  Athletic packets that include all forms are located in the main office at MHS as well.

An athlete becomes eligible or ineligible on the first day of the new semester.