MHS Wrestling Competed in 2019 River City Invitational

The MHS Wrestling team competed in the 2019 River City Invitational Tournament this past Saturday. The tournament consisted of 18 schools with a good mix of NC and Virginia programs.

Coach Metzinger’s Remarks on the tournament:
“This is always a good tournament for us. We get to wrestle different schools and it is a good gauge of where some guys are in the last month of the regular season. We get away from seeing the usual styles of wrestling, and some of these other programs force us to adapt and wrestle out of our comfort zone.

We have a young team consisting of 4 seniors and 7 underclassmen who have very little high school experience. There is a big learning curve in this sport, and without the luxury of a JV program due to numbers, a lot of guys are thrown right into the fire with varsity opponents. They are coming around and we are excited to see where they will be in a couple of years.

I love this sport. It is a total adjustment for the athletes and the parents. Each match is a 1-on-1 contest by 14 different people (if you have a full roster). When you do not put the work in the practice room, it shows when you go out there and compete. Other times you can train you butt off and in that one match you can lose your balance and the other guy wins. A lot of life lessons are taught in this sport: accountability, respect, hard work, and the ability to overcome adversity. Often in today’s society people look for someone to blame, in our sport we take accountability for losses and use them as motivation to better ourselves.

Overall for the guys that went I felt we had a good day (missing quite a few due to illnesses). The underclassmen are showing progress in their wrestling and the seniors are learning that they need to adapt their games for the post season. We will be back at work on Monday getting ready for next week’s dual and tournament.”

William Pendleton 3rd Place 2019 River City Invitational

Full match replay of MHS Wrestlers from the River City Invitational

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